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Employer Tips for Hiring Healthcare Employees

Chad Roudebush

Former Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner
Ascension Health Ministry Service Center

During several years in healthcare HR, Chad has interviewed hundreds of candidates for Ascension Health Ministry Service Center. He’s learned what they want from their employer, and in turn, has educated them about the skills that employers seek in their employees. Here, he offers insight into how employers’ expectations are changing with healthcare reform, and the challenges he faces in a market that has more jobs than candidates.

Plus, he shares how the Health Career Center is one of his best resources when it comes to finding qualified talent for his organization’s most sought-after positions.

As healthcare changes, what skills do you look for as an employer?

With the path that healthcare is taking, we require an FTE to maintain OFCCP statistics. We also expect SME’s to understand healthcare reform, Medicaid and Medicare — and to be able to communicate the terms of the programs to patients and providers.

What is your biggest challenge in finding candidates?

We need more of them! No matter where you go, there is only one-third as many qualified candidates as there are job opportunities. Our biggest struggle is identifying the best candidate in a timely manner, because the supply is limited.

Why do you use the Health Career Center?

The number of associations and societies we can reach through the Health Career Center is extremely helpful for targeting niche audiences. We can target the right job seekers, and have the flexibility to manage our reach. So far, the Health Career Center has supplied us with over 750 qualified prospects across 16 locations. The professional, ethical and proficient way they work makes our partnership seamless and painless!

How do you adjust your hiring process for leadership positions?

For C-level and executive recruitment, we’re more in-depth. We take a personalized approach, because leadership prospects will be so much more involved in decision-making once they’re hired. Our budget tends to be bigger too; we involve more decision-makers to ensure we decide on the right person.

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