Top Medical Careers in High Demand

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The medical field often is referred to as a stable, high-paying industry to work in.  However, not all careers are the same.  There are several variances in pay and popularity of these occupations.  Thus, it is important for anyone who is considering the medical field to make sure that they pursue an in-demand job, like these top medical careers.

Registered Nurse - The demand for nurses with an RN degree has skyrocketed in recent years and it will continue to grow, as hospitals have to meet the care needs of an aging population.  According to WANTED Analytics, there are currently over 180,000 current job openings for registered nurses in the United States. In fact, it’s been projected that the United States will need one million more registered nurses in the next ten years.  Registered nurses can specialize in various areas in healthcare such as pediatrics, critical care, medical-surgical nursing, geriatrics, and behavioral health.

Home Health Aides - These professionals treat patients in their homes rather than in a clinical setting.  Health aide tasks include checking vital signs and administering medication.  As aging populations continue to grow, demand for these workers is on the rise, allowing the elderly to age in place instead of requiring nursing home care. Home health aide jobs are projected to grow 38% by 2024.

Medical Assistant - Medical assistants work in medical offices, clinics, and outpatient or ambulatory care facilities. Demand for medical assistants is growing because of a surge in the number of physician's offices and outpatient care facilities, an aging population, and technology advancements.  Medical assistants are responsible for various administrative and clinic duties.

Pharmacy Technician - While these people don’t answer questions and flag drug interactions like pharmacists, they can count and label pills, fill prescriptions, and perform various administrative tasks.  Training typically is can be completed in less than a year, allowing people interested in this field to start working almost immediately.

Medical Secretary – The most common setting for his career is within a clinic, but hospitals will employ secretaries to help with insurance filing.  In smaller clinics, medical secretaries will also need to set appointments, schedule follow-up visits, and perform other administrative tasks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment growth for medical secretaries of about 21 percent between 2014 and 2024.

Dental Assistant - As the population grows and dental care continues to be a priority, many dental practices are looking for assistants to help handle the patient load.  Assistants take x-rays, perform cleanings, and can assist dentists with more complicated procedures.

Healthcare Administrators - In light of new healthcare legislation, the demand for healthcare administrators is high, especially for those focusing on insurance. Administrators can work with insurance companies, hospitals, and patients to solve a variety of problems and issues.

Physical Therapist - As improved medical techniques are giving more patients a better chance of survival, an increasing amount need the services of a physical therapist in order to regain their full health.  Physical therapists work with a variety of patients from accident victims to postoperative recovery to the senior population.  One of the fastest growing areas of this field is in the area of pediatric care.

Paramedics - Again, thanks to our rapidly aging population, there is an increased demand for persons in this career field. 

Demand for support staff for top-tier professionals, home health care needs for aging Americans and affordable quality care are driving employment increases throughout the healthcare industry. 

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