New Realities of Care for Physicians

  • Article by:Health Career Center

You’ve just wrapped up your residency/fellowship. You’ve supervised your last intern. And now it’s time to start your career. The U.S. needs doctors. So you WILL find a job. Of course, you didn’t study and train for a decade to get ‘a job.’ You want to be the kind of doctor you dreamed about — respected, fulfilled and fascinated by your work. The health care landscape — in the midst of big transformation — is opening new paths to achieve those goals, encouraging physicians to start their career treks. The 21st century medical doctor needs both rock-solid clinical skills and the ability to adapt to the requirements of a health care system moving inexorably toward delivering high-quality care at low cost. That means a shift from volume to value. And physicians just starting their careers can play an important role in helping to lead that change. This booklet aims to help you sidestep the unwelcome surprises and discover the opportunities on the fertile terrain of this new health care landscape. 


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