Healthcare HR Career Opportunities

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If you’re passionate about aligning people and purpose, and working in an industry that serves others, consider a healthcare HR career.  With the recent expansion of healthcare coverage in the U.S., the shortage of necessary medical professionals, and the shifting models of both care and payment, the demand for highly skilled healthcare HR professionals in great.  Here’s a look at the top healthcare HR careers available and the job outlook for this healthcare sector.

Top Healthcare HR Career Opportunities:

These healthcare HR careers are in high demand:


HR Manager:

According to the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources (ASHHRA), the presence of an HR manager is crucial for the Human Resources department to be able to deliver effective services, which in turn results in better care for the patients.

Professionals with this job title have numerous responsibilities since they oversee and manage the entire HR department, as well as assist with the overall function of a healthcare facility. These responsibilities include everything from staffing and placing qualified professionals, to researching rules and regulations governing healthcare employees, evaluating the performance of employees, and establishing effective management strategies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for HR Managers in 2015 was $104,440.


Healthcare Recruiter:

Given the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals needed to meet the demands of the growing U.S. healthcare industry, healthcare recruiters are very much in demand. 

This is because individuals in this role work directly with HR managers to ensure the right medical professionals are hired. Healthcare recruiters also network extensively by attending career fairs and university events to find the top healthcare talent available. Their responsibilities additionally include placing job advertisements and postings, evaluating resumes, screening potential candidates, arranging interviews between the hiring manager and top candidates, and assisting in job offer negotiations. Individuals passionate about creating a more effective and talent-rich healthcare workforce should consider this healthcare HR career opportunity.

While the national average salary for healthcare recruiters in 2016 was $45,884 according to Payscale, experienced professionals can expect to make around $69,000 or more annually.


Compensation and Benefits Manager:

Another top healthcare HR job is compensation and benefits manager. This role is critical in identifying and designing pay and incentive programs for healthcare employees.

Compensation and benefits managers in the healthcare HR sector constantly monitor and analyze salary surveys to establish corresponding employee salary ranges at healthcare facilities and organizations. These professionals are also responsible for administering incentive or bonus plans, in addition to ensuring that overtime pay is correctly classified and distributed. They also assist healthcare HR departments with compliance to all applicable laws and regulations around compensation and benefits for healthcare employees.

According to Payscale, the median annual salary for compensation managers is $94,455.


The Job Outlook for Healthcare HR Careers:

The demand for qualified healthcare HR professionals has been steadily increasing for several years and continues to grow as more and more healthcare facilities prepare to meet the rising demands of the healthcare industry.

Qualified professionals who meet the educational and certification requirements needed for the top healthcare HR careers can expect highly competitive salaries and benefits, in addition to job security.


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