Rural Workforce Insights — Talent Retention

Retaining top talent is essential at all organizations, and this couldn’t be truer for rural healthcare organizations, where retention is vital. Discover from experts across the field how to improve physician and nurse retention, how to capitalize on age diversity and use that as a tool for retention, and how to train leadership to engage the workforce and keep them vested in the organization.

As a member of the American Hospital Association’s Committee on Performance Improvement, Bren illustrates the importance of integrating a health system’s strategic plan with workforce development.

Discover more by downloading the AHA’s CPI report, The Imperative for Strategic Workforce Planning and Development: Challenges and Opportunities.


Nurse retention is essential in all healthcare organization, especially in rural areas. A great way to retain your rural nursing workforce is to get them involved in the community and invest in their skills, training, and education.


Similar to nursing retention, investment and fulfillment are key for physician retention. And fulfillment has to go beyond the walls of the hospital and into the community to entice them to work and stay there.


Four generations are in the workforce, which presents challenges and opportunities in rural areas. Capitalize on each group’s diverse skills and interests to prove that each bring a unique value to the hospital.

Engagement is key for retention. As leaders in any healthcare organization it is imperative to engage all members of the workforce and show them what they can do at your organization to make a difference.