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Webinar: Developing an Effective Healthcare Workforce Plan

Learn key components for developing an effective healthcare workforce plan, considerations for your overall strategy and suggestions for partnering with your community to solve your workforce challenges. Fairview Health Services shares how it improved its workforce planning system and its involvement with the state of Minnesota to improve Fairview’s data collection and statewide collaboration on workforce issues.

Webinar date: November 19, 2013
Play time: 45 minutes

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Webinar: Beyond Clinical Excellence: Attracting Talent for a Value-based Care Model

Value-based healthcare is transforming the professional profiles of individuals delivering and orchestrating care. To succeed in this market transformation, forward-looking healthcare providers need to examine how they attract talent with not only clinical excellence, but the necessary skills needed to thrive in a value-based arena. This interactive presentation by Cielo Healthcare (formerly Pinstripe Healthcare) will share exclusive research performed with hospital leaders on how to attract talent for a value-based care model.

Webinar date: June 19, 2013
Play time: 45 mins

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Webinar: Talent Attraction by Design: The Journey & Strategic Roadmap

As we start to see turnover and vacancy rates inch up, the competition for quality healthcare candidates is beginning to "heat up." HR recruitment experts will share Florida Hospital’s journey of uncovering their Employee Value Proposition and how it distinguishes them from the competition. Learn how Florida Hospital took a risk in exemplifying their true culture— "God's Work," and were rewarded in September of 2011, receiving a First Place Creative Excellence Award from ERE.

Webinar date: April 10, 2013
Play time: 60 minutes

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