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The Top 4 Healthcare Recruiting Trends for 2017

  • Article by:Health Career Center

In today’s constantly evolving healthcare field, recruiters face an uphill battle. On top of dealing with talent pool that’s shrinking just as demand for that talent grows, they’re also under pressure to develop and implement successful new hiring strategies.

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According to Select International, the experts on healthcare employee selection and development, the four most important of those issues are:


1. Recruiters have more roles to fill this year

Over half of surveyed recruiters reported that they have been tasked with filling an increased number of jobs in 2017 than in years past. Plus, according to the same survey, those expectations will continue to rise in the coming years, even as hiring teams run into a shortage of qualified candidates.

For healthcare recruiters, these lofty expectations forecast a growing reliance on recruiting tools that take sophisticated metrics into account when weeding through a pool of job applicants. And speaking of metrics…

2. Turnover has become recruiters’ most important metric

Performance and manager satisfaction used to be the most important metrics by which candidates were measured. In many cases they were the only ones, with the possible addition of time-to-hire.

Not anymore. Hospitals and other organizations are realizing just how painful frequent employee turnover can be for their bottom lines, and are taking steps to ensure that the people they hire will stick around for the long run. This has caused hiring personnel to adopt smarter turnover solutions that give added weight to candidates’ staying power.

3. Recruiters also value cultural fit more than ever

High performance capabilities and a disdain for job-hopping aren’t the start and finish of hiring managers’ checklists. Even if they unearth a candidate with this attractive combination, they still need to ensure that person shares their company’s values.

Because in many ways, hiring managers are becoming key players in branding. After all, every brand is driven by its people, and hospitals are no exception. When recruiters select employees who don’t uphold their organization’s values, they undermine everything the organization stands for. That’s something that patients are sure to notice.

4. Behavioral assessments and recruiting tools are under a microscope

As you can see, today’s healthcare recruiters face more challenges than ever before. Unfortunately, at the same time, their budgets are staying the same as in the past, or even getting smaller.

The result is that hiring teams are suddenly under intense scrutiny to maximize the effectiveness of their recruiting tools. They’re tasked with researching every available solution and ensuring that the best ones are implemented flawlessly, all on a shoestring budget. Even then, their job isn’t done—they also need to establish goals for that solution, track them closely, and adjust their approach when necessary.

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