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Talent Retention for the Rural Workforce – Videos

  • Article by:Health Career Center

At, we’re always working to bring you the latest and greatest on healthcare workforce challenges, opportunities, and information. Recently, we have released a video series highlighting insights from rural workforce experts on workforce planning, building teams, leadership and talent retention.

It has never been more important to address workforce issues with constant changes occurring across the healthcare landscape. With challenges such as an increasing number of healthcare staff retiring doubled with an aging population and the need for more care – retaining top talent is imperative to an organization’s success.

Retaining top talent is essential for all organizations, and this couldn’t be truer for rural healthcare organizations, where retention is vital. Discover from experts across the field how to improve physician and nurse retention, how to capitalize on age diversity and use that as a tool for retention, and how to train leadership to engage the workforce and keep them vested in the organization.

Watch these videos to learn more insights from rural workforce leaders about retaining talent.