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Searching for PA Jobs? Think Outside the Clinic

  • Article by:Health Career Center

Imagine being an extremely successful PA who never sets foot in a hospital. As it turns out, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

According to American Academy of Physician Assistant’s PA Professional, there are thousands of jobs out there — many of which exist completely outside of the clinical setting — that place a high value on your unique blend of health care expertise and real-world experience.

Maybe your passion for research isn’t quite satisfied during day-to-day interactions with patients, or you just want to make better use of your talents. Whatever your reason, it may be time to consider finding PA work in a different field, such as:

Pharma, biotech and device companies

Large corporations often hire PAs to assist with the research and development of new drugs, devices and therapies. Here, your options are nearly limitless, from clinical trials to regulatory affairs and even marketing.

Expert witness and legal medicine

In some legal cases, PAs are called upon to testify as to whether or not a fellow clinically practicing PA has met certain standards of care. And who better to ask than you, an experienced PA with years of clinical expertise?


The next generation of PAs needs teachers and mentors who know first-hand what they can expect in the real world. Plus, in addition to the feeling you get from offering students valuable insights, you often gain exclusive access to university resources.


Between health, disability and life coverage, insurance offers a whole new world of opportunities for PAs. For example, you can help establish treatment plans, define reimbursement protocols, and review charts that most insurance company employees aren’t qualified to read.

Hospital administration

PAs working in hospital administration are in a unique position to drive health care transformation and create much-needed change. Plus, as an added bonus, your leadership position will help raise the profile of PAs everywhere.

Medical writing and communications

Are you skilled at helping others understand complex concepts? If so, you could be a perfect fit for a medical communications role at health care-oriented companies, or even in the media.

Medical informatics

This fast-growing field offers incredible opportunities for health care experts who are interested in information technology (IT). It’s also another way for you to directly improve patient care without the stress that comes with being on hospitals’ front lines.

Government, policy and organizational leadership

Do your part to promote public health by becoming an organized leader or elected official. Here, instead of using your expertise to help one patient at a time, you can help them by the thousands.

Wellness coaching

Chronic diseases are on the rise, while more hospitals are shifting their focus to wellness. It’s the perfect time to explore your options as a coach or director who specializes in preventative care, nutrition and exercise.


You already know how important clinical trials are to pharmaceutical companies. But in addition to jobs at corporations, PA researchers can also find incredible opportunities in university and government settings.

If you want to try exploring your options outside the clinic, we’re ready and waiting to help you at Search our job boards now to see the best openings from our Featured Employers, plus thousands of organizations across the country.




The information in this article originally appeared in the March 2016 edition of the PA Professional strategic plan. To read the original article, click here.