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National Healthcare Recruiter Day: 5 Ways to Make Yours Feel Special

  • Article by:Health Career Center

It’s National Healthcare Recruiter Day! At, we’re celebrating by showing recruiters how much we appreciate their incredible contributions to the healthcare field.

Want to join us? You can start with one or more of the fun ideas below. Each is guaranteed you make your recruiters feel valued — and might even make your organization a better place in the process.

1. Praise them in an email to your whole organization

Everyone enjoys recognition, especially when it’s given in full view of their peers. However, some of your more shy employees won’t appreciate you asking them to stand up during a meeting so you can sing their praises while they look on, red-faced.

An organization-wide email strikes a good compromise. It still sends the message that your healthcare recruiter is a valued member of your hospital, but without putting them on the spot in a potentially embarrassing situation. And as an added bonus, your recruiter can forward the email to friends and family who are sure to be proud of their accomplishments.


2. Tell their boss why you appreciate them

If you’re not above your recruiter on the organizational ladder, you can still do your part to boost their career while simultaneously showing your gratitude for their work. During a slow point on National Healthcare Recruiter Day, simply stop by their boss’s office to offer specific examples of how they make a difference.

Here’s another bit of advice: Don’t immediately run to the recruiter to let them know what you said; that could come off as self-serving. Gestures like these mean a lot more to the recipient when they hear about your good deed through someone else.


3. Give them a team photo (signed by everyone)

This sort of thing usually comes around when employees have birthdays. But that makes giving one for National Healthcare Recruiter Day even more special — it’ll be totally unexpected! 

To dial up your gratitude even more, ask each employee who signs your card to add a little note about why they enjoy working with the recipient. It may not seem like much, but it will go a long way toward making your recruiter feel appreciated.


4. Ask about their ideas for improving your hospital

One of the nicest ways to compliment someone is by asking for their input. As a professional, there is no better way to show that you care about what they think and have respect for their opinion.

Besides, if you’re part of the leadership team at your organization, you’ll actually be doing yourself a favor. Recruiters have a better understanding than most about your culture, considering they’ve essentially created it through the people they hired. Asking them for insights can lead to great ideas for improving your workplace and attracting top talent.


5. Just say thanks!

Don’t have time to buy a gift or pass around a card to the whole hospital? Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best ones, and nothing could be simpler than a thank you. Especially for recruiters, who don’t hear those words nearly often enough.