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3 Easy Ways to Jump-Start a Slow Job Search

  • Article by:Health Career Center

Nobody ever said job hunting was easy. For every promising lead or invite to an interview that you get, it seems you have to face dozens of rejections — or deal with being ignored, which can be even more frustrating.

To make matters worse, many people commit job search blunders that torpedo their chances from the start. They apply to the wrong kinds of jobs, or to too many jobs within the same organization.

These mistakes often bring job searches to a crawl. Most people’s response is to simply give up. 

Don’t let it happen to you. Follow these 3 simple tips, and breathe new life into your job hunt today. 


1. Don’t expand your search. Refine it.

When you don’t find immediate success on the job hunt, your first instinct may be to widen your search. However, in reality, you should be doing the exact opposite. 

This may sound counterintuitive — how can applying to more jobs give you less of a chance at landing one? But think about it from an employer’s standpoint: Would you rather have a candidate who, out of desperation to find a job, is willing to take anything that comes along? Or a candidate whose expertise perfectly aligns with the position you’re trying to fill?

Instead of wasting time applying to anywhere with an opening, narrow your search to positions that are a perfect fit. It’ll save you time, which you can then spend on follow-up calls that give you an even better chance at landing the job.


2. Offer help before you ask for it.

Most people agree that it’s acceptable to friend someone on LinkedIn whom you’ve never met. Especially if you share several of the same connections.

What’s not acceptable is cold-friending someone you’ve never met, and then asking them to take time out of their busy day to help you land a job at their organization. You may as well say, “Hi, I know you don’t know who I am, but would you mind putting your reputation on the line for me, and getting nothing back for it?”

Don’t forget that networking is about building relationships, and relationships are supposed to benefit both sides. So before you ask for a favor, offer a favor to your new connection first. They’ll be much more likely to help you in return.


3. Rely on yourself instead of recruiters.

One mistake job seekers often make is counting on corporate recruiters to do their legwork for them. It’s recruiters’ job to find talent, the thinking goes, so why not sit around and wait for them to find you?

First of all, those recruiters are bombarded with resumes from job seekers on a daily basis. Most don’t actively “search” for talent; it comes to them. So if you’re waiting for one to discover you, you’ll likely be waiting a long time. 

Second, recruiters are responsible for a surprisingly small percentage of new hires. By counting on them to find you a job, you’re cutting yourself off from the majority of opportunities that are out there.

Be a partner to your recruiters, and proactive about selling yourself to them. You’ll not only set yourself apart from other candidates, you’ll gain a powerful ally in your job search.

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There’s never been an easier way to jump-start your job hunt.


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