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Celebrate the Holidays by Landing Your Dream Job

  • Article by:Health Career Center

November is in full swing. With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s the time of year when many people coast until January.

But not you. No, you are the kind of go-getter we love at — one who sees the holidays not as an opportunity to relax, but to get a head start on building the career of your dreams. And we’re here to help.

In this article, we bring you 7 tips for holiday job hunting by Alison Green, career adviser and job-search expert at U.S News. When you’re done reading them all, put them to work for you by applying for your next job at

1. Remember: hiring doesn’t stop for the holidays
One popular belief is that managers either slow down on hiring toward the end of the year, or put a freeze on new hires altogether. However, that simply isn’t true — in fact, for many organizations, it’s exactly the opposite.

The truth is, many hospitals and health systems are looking for people to start at the beginning of the New Year. That means they need to start the hiring process right now.

2. Take advantage of the drop in competition
According to several hiring managers, the number of resumes they receive each year takes a serious dip around mid-November. This leaves them with the unenviable task of filling important positions with less-than-qualified candidates.

Unless you arrive to help them, of course! Just think, by merely submitting your resume, you’re not just making hiring managers’ jobs easier — you’re making their holidays happier, too.

3. Be flexible with your schedule
Finding suitable candidates isn’t the only challenge facing hiring managers during the holidays. They also have to contend with key decision-makers who are on vacation during some of the hiring process’s most important stages.

If you’re willing to be available for interviews on short notice or even reschedule your holiday plans, you’ll have a big advantage over candidates who aren’t.

4. Have a little patience
Speaking of key decision-makers going on vacation, you can imagine how their time out of the office can slow down hiring choices. Even if your interview went well and you’re a lock for the job, it may take a while for the decision to be finalized.

It’s not easy, but try your best to be patient. This is one time when it’s good to kick back, relax and enjoy the holidays.

5. Prepare for rejection at the worst times
Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like getting a “no thank you” letter. But if you’re applying for a new job at the end of the year, it comes with the territory.

Don’t let it put a damper on your holiday spirit. Remember, rejection is just a stepping stone to your dream career.

6. Be ready to hurry up and wait
If things go well, you could get a new job offer by the end of this month. Unfortunately, that’s no guarantee you’ll start anytime soon.

With so many people out enjoying their holiday vacations, it may make more sense to have you start in January. That way more staff members will be in the office to help you learn the ropes.

7. Use holiday gatherings to your benefit
Holiday events are usually spent with friends and family, but chances are you’ll run into work acquaintances as well.

Take advantage of the opportunity by mentioning to them that you’re on the job hunt. Who knows, someone you talk to may have a useful lead for you (or know someone else who might).


The information in this article originally appeared on the U.S. News website. To read the original article, click here.