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Show Your Appreciation on Healthcare Recognition Days

  • Article by:Health Career Center

Because healthcare professionals like you do incredible things on a daily basis, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how much of an impact you make. At, we want you to know that your efforts will always be appreciated by us.

But still, there’s no denying that appreciation from other healthcare professionals means even more to you. It’s the ultimate sign of respect; proof that your peers value what you bring to their organization.

So we’re offering a challenge for the rest of 2017: use at least one of the healthcare recognition days below as a time to thank your coworker (or coworkers) for what they bring to the field. It doesn’t take much — a kind word while passing in the hallway or a quick pep talk at their station — to make their day.


August 23: Health Unit Coordinator Day

On this day, celebrate your unit secretary by recognizing their gifts for time management and multi-tasking, even in the face of your hospital’s daily chaos. It might be difficult to catch them between the constantly ringing phones, pagers and call lights. But if you can, they’ll appreciate you stopping by to let them know that you couldn’t do your job without them running the desk.


September 15: Neonatal Nurses Day

It takes a big heart to take care of your hospital’s tiniest patients. Neonatal nurses routinely go above and beyond to provide newborns with the critical care they need to go home to loving arms. Like all nurses, the job isn’t as much of a job as it is a lifestyle, for better and for worse. Neonatal Nurses Day is the perfect time to show them how much their efforts and sacrifices matter. Not just for their littlest patients, but for you and your hospital, too.


October 11: Healthcare Security and Safety Officer Appreciation Day

Healthcare security and safety officers are some of the most overlooked personnel in any hospital, despite the fact that doctors and nurses couldn’t do their jobs without a safe environment. But each and every day they make it their duty to stand on the front lines, where they help ensure the protection of professionals and patients alike. Show them they’re appreciated by taking just a moment to honor their commitment and diligence. 


…or show your appreciation for a whole week!

Sometimes one day isn’t enough to show your gratitude. Fortunately, many healthcare appreciation “days” are actually an entire week long.

Over the rest of 2017, you can still celebrate Vascular Nurses Week (September 10-16), Midwifery Week (October 1-7), Physician Assistants Week (October 6-12), Emergency Nurses Week (October 8-14), Medical-Surgical Nurses Week (November 1-7), Medical Staff Services Awareness Week (November 5-11), and many more.

For a complete rundown of the year’s remaining healthcare appreciation days, get the free 2017 Health Days Mobile App from the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD), available for Android and iPhone. To download, simply visit your phone’s app store and search “SHSMD Health Days.”

With so many chances to come, you’re sure to find at least one day when you can recognize the great things your coworkers do. Even if it’s just a kind word or two, it won’t take much for you to make their day. Who knows — you might even make their year.