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Think Healthcare IT Isn’t for Creatives? Think Again

  • Article by:Health Career Center

Most people think that creative types would be happier working in Hollywood than in a hospital. And even if you were to consider hiring one to work for your organization, the last place you’d think to put them is in your IT department.

But as it turns out, creatives can be your IT team’s strongest assets. It’s not hard to find a highly qualified IT professional who also has a creative background; all you have to do is visit, and start browsing among leading candidates from all over the country.

In the meantime, here are four good reasons why you should consider hiring a creative person the next time you have an opening in your healthcare IT department.


Creatives are strong communicators.

Communication skills and thinking from others’ points-of-view are among the most sought-after traits in today’s collaborative care models. For healthcare IT in particular, they’re vital to understanding hospitals’ technology needs and explaining complex new technology in simple, concise ways.

What’s more, now that m-health is growing in popularity, it’s important that healthcare IT personnel understand how it applies to patients’ needs. Thankfully, most creatives are highly skilled at listening, and using what they learn to program smarter m-health solutions that benefit both patients and the people who care for them.


Creatives find unique solutions to problems.

No two patients are alike—and no two challenges that hospitals encounter are alike, either. Take data breaches, for example, every day, new and more sophisticated cyber attacks on hospitals aim to steal confidential patient information. By the time you figure out how to stop one method of cybercrime, several new ones emerge to take its place.

When you put creative-minded healthcare IT people on your side, you gain the problem-solving and critical thinking skills necessary to think ahead of cybercriminals instead of just reacting to them. As costly and complicated as data breaches can be, you can’t afford not to have that kind of power on your team.


Creatives truly care about their work.

Creativity and passion go hand-in-hand. And while caregivers care about their patients, creatives care just as much about making sure those caregivers have everything they need to keep their patients healthy.

This level of passion is crucial for anyone who works in hospitals, where pressure and long hours require a high degree of personal commitment. It’s also important for the continuous improvement of care quality and ROI, two factors that hospitals will be judged on over at least the next decade.


Creatives are good at visualizing what’s possible.

Before a healthcare IT professional can begin building new designs for hospital computer systems and networks, they have to be able to visualize the end result—how it will look, how it will work, and where potential problems lie. Fortunately, the ability to work toward an invisible end goal is a creative person’s specialty.

Beyond that, creatives are also great at predicting patients’ and caregivers’ personal needs before they realize they need them. That can help them create outside-the-box solutions that take your organization to a higher level.





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