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Why is the Best Bet for Job-Hunting MDs

  • Article by:Health Career Center

If you’re a doctor who’s searching for a new job, physician job boards may be the first place you look. Who can blame you? You’re a physician, so a job board designed specifically for your profession seems like a natural choice.

We say “seems like” for a reason. Because while a physician job board may appear to be a great place to start your job hunt, it isn’t necessarily the best one. You’re better off starting at, which combines precisely targeted job postings with a broad employer reach.

Read on to see why more doctors choose over physician job boards to kick off their successful job hunts. Then visit us to find out which of the top employers in your area are searching for a doctor with your exact mix of talents and expertise.

1. Narrow your search field instantly

We understand that, unlike general job search sites like Monster or CareerBuilder, physician job boards don’t make you sift through hundreds of posts to find relevant positions. They’ve already done the work for you by helping you narrow down your search field before you even get started, and that’s great.

The downside is, if the website you choose is for physicians only, it’s probably a small niche site — one that many health systems might not use. offers a perfect balance: it’s broad enough that almost all employers know about it, but is easy enough to use that you can effectively turn it into a physicians’ job board with just a few clicks of your mouse.

2. See exclusive posts from leading employers

Leading employers, from hospitals to research labs, partner with the American Hospital Association (AHA) to ensure their posts are seen by the best talent in the healthcare field. So when you visit, there’s a good chance that the job postings you see will be unavailable on any other website.

Having exclusive access to the best employers is good for people at all levels of healthcare, but it’s especially beneficial to physicians. In a profession where you’re routinely counted on to take part in (or even drive) leadership efforts, doing so for a big-name health system can broaden your future job prospects considerably — not to mention lead to a big bump in salary later.

3. It’s not just about the job posts

Job posts are just the beginning. On, you can also leverage our healthcare expertise to grow your career. Our blog features all sorts of helpful information, including recent workplace developments and tips for reaching your career goals.

Even better, our blog also offers the latest insights on new and upcoming hiring trends in healthcare. Here, career experts from all over the country give you inside information on which organizations need help the most, as well as which cities can offer you the best pay and benefits packages for your services.

Long story short: just because physician job boards target you first, doesn’t mean you have to choose them first. Start your search at, and give yourself more opportunities to land the job you’ve always wanted.