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Three of the Best Healthcare Jobs for Work/Life Balance

  • Article by:Health Career Center

How important is work/life balance? As it turns out, it’s not only good for a successful career. It’s also vital for preventing stress that can lead to burnout and depression, and can cause actual, physical harm to your body.

Unfortunately, for healthcare providers, the importance of the work you do can make it hard to switch out of work mode. But that’s precisely why finding a good work/life balance is so essential. It’s better for you and your family’s well-being, and it’s also good for the health of your patients.

With that in mind, here are three of the best jobs for balancing a successful career with a healthy personal life. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t see yours among them — nearly every healthcare career offers opportunities to find satisfaction outside of work, and you can find open positions for all of them at



Optometry routinely tops the list of low-stress professions, and not just in healthcare. Short workweeks, flexible schedules and easygoing work environments make it one of the best jobs for work/life balance of any industry in the country.

Of course, creating your own schedule is much easier when you run your own practice, as many optometrists do. They also have the option of hiring associates to help spread out their workload, or allowing technicians to handle their simpler tests and procedures. Altogether, optometrists have countless options to build a schedule that fits their lifestyle.



Dermatologists enjoy the same salary as top-level physicians, but with one big difference: their salary doesn’t come with the added responsibilities of emergency care or shift work. Many skin care experts say that one of the best benefits of being a dermatologist is the position’s outstanding work/life balance.

What’s more, you don’t have to be a doctor of dermatology to enjoy these benefits — nursing positions within the field also rank high among jobs with the best work/life balance. If you’re interested in learning more, our recent article on dermatology has more details along with a complete job outlook.



Dentistry and orthodontics aren’t the exact same field, of course, but they share a lot of similarities. Both involve helping patients maintain a healthy and attractive smile. Both are consistently rated among the best healthcare professions for job satisfaction. And last but not least, both offer an incredible work/life balance.

Most dentists work just 24 to 40 hours per week, while still managing to bring home $150,000 or more per year. Orthodontists keep a similar schedule with an even higher pay grade. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which doesn’t track median salaries higher than $187,199, had to leave orthodontists off their yearly list because they make too much money.

Whatever your career path, we’re here to help you find new ways to live a happier, fuller life for the benefit of you and your patients. Visit us today at to find even more jobs that offer the work/life balance you deserve.





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