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Report: Healthcare Job Search Insights – Explore the Healthcare Job Seeker Journey

  • Article by:Health Career Center

At, we annually survey job candidates in both clinical and non-clinical healthcare professions to better understand the most important insights they have to offer when searching for jobs, when evaluating job offers, and more. After surveying candidates, we analyze and compile the results and present to you healthcare job search trends. We are happy to release this year’s report — the 2017 Healthcare Job Search Insights Report.

Whether you’re a job seeker yourself or an HR professional looking for new ways to uncover the field’s best talent, we think you’ll find the information inside extremely valuable. Here are just a few of the more significant questions the report sets out to answer, along with a quick, high-level snapshot of what we found. When you’re finished reading, download the full report to get the complete story.


Where are healthcare job seekers looking?

Online job boards continue to represent the primary resource used when conducting a job search, with 78 percent of respondents listing sites like as their preferred method to find healthcare’s latest job openings. Referrals from friends and colleagues was also a popular destination, followed by company website, social media and more.

When it comes to actually finding their jobs, respondents cited online job boards as the most used tactic (30 percent) followed closely by referrals. This shows consistency in where candidates are searching for jobs and they methods they use to find, apply, and land those jobs.

Download the full report to learn more about how candidates use LinkedIn, the most-utilized social media platform for search, how candidates network, and what prompts them to search for a new position in healthcare.


What do healthcare job seekers need when searching?

Year after year, job seekers say above all they want more information about employers and specific roles within their organizations (69 percent). But aside from information that helps them land a job, what else do prospective employees want to know? They yearn for more information on the organization’s leadership and team structure and information on general healthcare careers. However, even more want company reviews from current or former employees – the inside scoop.

More in this section to discover in the full report includes: common job search challenges that candidates face, preferences for applying and contact method preferences.


What are the deciding factors for healthcare job seekers?

Healthcare job seekers have responded year after year that compensation and health benefits are the top benefits considered when evaluating offers. But job candidates evaluate many more factors than those alone. So what else is important to them? Respondents seek flexible hours/scheduling (60 percent), clear long-term growth opportunities (58 percent), training & development and more.

New to the report this year, we have called out responses for millennials (18 – 34 years old) and those with 20-plus years of experience. Where these individuals differed in response from the group as a whole, we called out those responses to show how various job seeker audiences feel about different aspects of the job search.

Want the full scoop on the healthcare job seeker journey from how job seekers search to how they decide which offer is best for them? Download the complete 2017 Healthcare Job Search Insights Report.