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  • Article by:Health Career Center

While 2015 was a time of change for the healthcare field, it was also a time of change for As this year comes to a close, we would like to review our favorite resources that were released this year.

1. website. allows job seekers to find new opportunities in healthcare, highlights the services we provide for employers and is a resource hub for both employers and jobseekers.

2. LinkedIn Page. A tool that allows us to connect with each other and share valuable resources that are being discussed throughout healthcare. Check out our page.

3. 2015 Healthcare Talent Acquisition Environmental Scan. This report explores the challenges and opportunities facing the field – especially those pertaining to talent acquisition and the healthcare workforce. Learn more.

4. 2015 Healthcare Job Search Insights Report. The Job Search Insights Report is a compilation of our Job Search Insights Survey findings that provide valuable insights that can be applied to recruitment strategies to help you make the right hire. Learn more.

5. 3 Trends Impacting Healthcare Talent Acquisition. This article highlights the age range of healthcare workforce, diversity in communities, and rate of direct physician employment and their significance in the changing healthcare field, especially talent acquisition. Learn more.

6. Diversity on the Docket: What Does it Mean at Your Hospital? This article explores the current state of workforce diversity. Learn more.

7. 5 Healthcare Resume Writing Tips That’ll Get the Attention of Recruiters. This blog post features writing tips to grab and keep the attention of healthcare recruiters. Learn more.

8. Talking Talent Trends with the SVP and CHRO of Lakeland Regional Health. An interview that explores healthcare workforce trends, talent gaps, and emerging roles in healthcare. Learn more.

9. Innovative Workforce Strategies from the System Director of Talent Acquisition at Fairview Health Services. Similar to the above interview, this interview features a different perspective of healthcare workforce trends and the talent gaps and emerging roles that are developing as a result of these changes. Learn more.

10. Looking for a Job? Follow These 7 Tips. Explore tips for healthcare job seekers that will help you impress all of those involved throughout the hiring process. Learn more.

11. 8 Tips for Wow-ing Interviewers (According to Real Interviewers). Find out what hiring managers really want to hear during your interview, right from the interviewers themselves. Learn more.

12. The Best Health Care Jobs in 2015 and Beyond. With the aging population and improving economy, the eight jobs featured in the article are deemed the “best” based on median salary and projected growth in the field. Learn more.

13. What keeps HR Healthcare Professionals Up at Night? This report features challenges that a diverse group of human resources healthcare professionals face. Learn more.

14. Making a Good Match for Your Hospital. A result of a collaboration with AHA’s Health Forum, Diggin’ the Data Blog, this article explores the best methods for finding suitable candidates. Learn more.

15. Power of Healthcare Workers Video. This video shares the importance of healthcare workers in navigating changes in the healthcare field and striving to keep our patients and communities healthy. Learn more.


The above 15 resources are just a portion of the content we have released in 2015. We chose these because we believe them to be some of our most valuable. As we end this year and begin a new one, we look forward to the opportunities we have in 2016 to continue to provide meaningful content for our job seekers and human resource professionals in healthcare. Thanks to all who have contributed to and discovered the value in our resources this year – stay tuned for even more in 2016.